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Ram. Live!

Ram, Live!

Ancient folkloric polyrhythms intertwine harmoniously with Punk Rock guitar riffs and swinging Caribbean keyboard melodies, led by the entrancing singer, Lunise, all combine for a truly magical experience on Thursdays at Hotel Oloffson - where RAM has consistently gigged for the last 25 years, as well as international concerts and festivals which include: the US, France, The UK, Mexico, and Brazil.

Tree House Charlatans open the show.

Come Dance to RAM and support GREENING HAITI FUND!

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About the Greening Haiti Fund

Greening Haiti Fund, Inc, is a charitable corporation whose mission is to improve forest coverage in one area of the southern peninsula, the village of Fond des Blancs. Its goal is to launch a model program which can be copied in neighboring villages. In year one, we will:

  • plant 8,000 trees and distribute the planules
  • educate local farmers in best practices in agroforestry
  • provide environmental education to local farmers via hands-on work supervised by an experienced agronomist, supplemented by guest speakers, videos and discussions.
Fond Des Blancs, Haiti is an isolated mountainous region that has experienced severe deforestation and erosion. It is an area with wide-spread poverty with limited economic opportunities.

Economic development:

Currently trees are being cut at an alarming rate for the badly needed cash rendered from charcoal. The reintroduction of a wide variety of once indigenous fruit trees will provide, in time, a strong alternative for families.


Local farmers participate at the nursery site to learn best practices of agroforestry and soil enrichment. Future Farmers of Haiti, a school program for 5th and 6h graders, to experience stewardship of their environment including planing and nurturing trees planted in municipal areas.

To help support these projects, make a tax-deductable donation.

Greening Haiti Fund, Inc. 31 Leonard Street Gloucester, MA 01930 phone: Sarah Hackett, 978-283-0892 email: greeninghaitifund@gmail.com