Latest Update from Sara

May 10, 2019

Emerson was on vacation until the end of the month, so Sarah missed the usual Tuesday morning Skype sessions

News from Emerson

  • Emerson's plan for Mayday
    • GH will utilize a piece of land that has been offered (it is not clear if this is an outright gift or a lease offer)
    • he has offered all local schools to each send 20 students to participate in a seedling planting
    • it will be very hands-on: they will dig holes and learn how to water and care for the seedlings
    • he has ready 16 thousand seedlings approximately 12" high 
  • Watering truck
    • he has the truck
    • funds are needed to purchase drums and a hose with spray

Funding application to Kellogg

  • the proposal was submitted 21st April
  • the situation is hopeful because of the four entities which comprise Haiti Projects 

Need for an 'expert committee'

  • Cherie has asked Pierre Valette, president, to stand in for her
  • Father  Gerry - 1 of founders of St. Boniface Haiti Foundation 
  • Rob Russell - retired Tufts director
  • Vickie Rothbaum, attorney, former HP board member
  • Pat Chute, HP board member 
  • Sarah Hackett, Founder of Haiti Projects

Afforestation Grant Fund sent

Potential program to give free seedling to every mother who gives birth 

  • Meeting was held 18th April with CEO of St Boniface Haiti Foundation to discuss providing a package containing:
    • a container for the placenta (to be buried underneath the seedling)
    • a 'posterity' seedling approx. 2 feet tall 
    • Michael has found a company which can provide an appropriate biodegradable container
    • we need to develop a plan for women to understand the project  

Other issues

  • Anthony returned from Haiti bringing a package of embroidered goods for the organization Sacré Lin (supplier of altar linens)
  • payment for transporting the package ($70 for 70 miles each way)

Ongoing: schoolchildren planting program

  • Janell has submitted the curriculum outline and is working on the substance
  • Who should monitor the curriculum?
    • the 'intellectual' side of the program is to be moved to the library
    • Joell is head of library and Cherie did not agree for him to teach ‘the intellectual side’
    • Emerson believes the agro-techs would be the best choice, but they learnt all the techniques 'hands-on' – they lack an in-depth science background
    • Jacques Poulard is close to graduating from university as an agronomist. Emerson wants him to intern at a reduced salary for a while
  • Which grade should school children come from? 
    • The priest who is head of the Catholic school thinks 7th and 8th grade  would be more appropriate than 5th and 6th as originally planned
    • numbers of students - 66 in 7th grade, 34 in 8th

Application to join ADF - requirements

  • Sarah has given a copy of the Creole instructions for applicants, to Anthony to translate into English 
  • An executive committee of at least 5 people from outside the organization, recognized and educated,
  • to verify that GH is a valid organization 
    • Michel Mascary- agronomist
    • Mayor Elisser George

How to identify seedling type and prevent cutting

  • medallions could be stolen
  • 3 colors of bark paint have been bought to be applied to mature small trees : orange = fruit tree, blue = charcoal tree, white for beauty and posterity           

Pay it forward

  • Cherie is supportive of the idea for a student loan program